it’s not your fault!

Hard work doesn’t necessarily mean good grades.

Do you find yourself spending hours studying for a test and then “blanking out” at test time? Or studying hard, but just not “getting it”? It’s amazing that we spend years in school, yet are seldom shown the best methods for remembering information or for efficient test preparation. 

Think about it…Have you ever taken a course that made use of the most recent brain research and knowledge of learning strategies to show you how to best use your brain? Probably not

This short course will fix all that!

The SuperStudent Seminar is absolutely the fastest way to success in school. We have put together an online video seminar that will show you all of the tricks you need to make learning as easy as possible for you. The course will show you how to :

Remember Course Material Efficiently!

When you have to learn some course material for a test, how do you go about it? If you’re like most students, probably the only way you know: repetition. Over and over and over. Tedious and boring, isn’t it?

Fortunately there’s a better way. And it’s a way that has been known for centuries, but is seldom used or taught today. Actually, the people who use it today are the memory experts and magicians who demonstrate seemingly amazing displays of memory. Yet the “tricks” they use are so simple that a six-year-old could do them.

You’ll learn these “tricks” and how to apply them to your courses. You’ll also reduce your required studying time dramatically.


Take Great Notes!

You’ll learn an incredible new way to take notes that is quick, easy, and very memorable.

Most importantly will be able to see the relationships in the hierarchy of information. And because you will reduce your note taking time, you can spend more time understanding the material. It’s fun, too!

Improve Your Test Performance!

You’ll learn the mental rehearsal techniques of Olympic athletes and how to apply these to taking tests. You’ll learn how to improve your test performance in the same way that these athletes improve their athletic performance.

Does take an important test make you nervous, so nervous that you sometimes do poorly? You’ll learn the reasons for test anxiety, and ways to control it.


Enjoy School!

Remarkable research has recently uncovered the reasons that some activities are enjoyable, while others are boring and tedious. By restructuring your learning process, you can make learning enjoyable— possibly the most enjoyable activity you’ve ever done! And you already know that you do well at those activities you enjoy.

Your Instructor

Richard Morrison is unlike any teacher you’ve ever had. He’s a licensed architect who uses visual thinking skills (which you will learn) in his daily business. Prior to becoming an architect, he was a professional magician and stage hypnotist.

But did this information work for him as a student? You bet! He graduated from high school as a National Merit Finalist and an Illinois State Scholar. His first year in college found him taking well beyond the normal course load, playing clarinet in a symphonic band, studying classical guitar and karate, cartooning for a campus newspaper, performing frequently as a professional magician, and making straight A’s!

And there’s no reason why you can’t, too!